There are None.

Yes you read that right. There are NO hardware or software requirements for the majority of courses on the site. The lessons, tutorials and courses have all been designed in a way that you can follow along and learn using whatever software or materials you prefer... Including paper & pencil.

There are a few obvious exceptions to this. A tutorials such as "Painting Clouds in Photoshop" requires Photoshop. Just as "Charcoal Drawing with Aaron Blaise" assumes you have access to charcoal.

Wherever possible we tried to indicate any such requirements on the product page. If you don't see any listed then it's safe to assume it's intended for anyone. 



Again there are no requirements. Aaron, currently works on a 27" Wacom Cintiq - But you can work with pencil & paper if you choose. Many of out students also use pen tablets such as a Wacom Intuos or touch devices like an Apple iPad.


Last Updated: August 2nd 2017